Wanting to thank all our friends for their love and their preference in www.emediashop.gr, we decided to establish the eMediaClub, which rewards you for the purchases you make from our e-shop.

For most purchases you make from eMediaShop.gr earn points, which can then be redeemed as you think.

In those products which rewards eMediaClub points for your purchase you can see the points you earn above from their price.

As a rule, you earn 1 eMediaClub point for every 1€ value. If you are going to pre-order a product, then the points are automatically doubled and you earn 2 eMediaClub points for each 1€ value.

You can track the status of your order from the "My Orders" in the top of the page by clicking on "My Account" and you can keep track of the points you have collected from the "My Points".

The points corresponding to each product not credited to your online account when you confirm your order, but when we sent the product and your order is completed. If a certain product is not listed points reward, then for this product is not rewarded with eMediaClub points for your purchase.

The points you accumulate work as "currency". Most products are available for purchase from eMediaShop.gr, in addition to price in euros is recorded and a corresponding price points below their value. If you have the necessary points, you can select them as payment and receive the product for FREE or earning a discount depending on the points you have collected, while you earning points for your new purchase!

If you do not redeem your points, they remain at your account until you choose to redeem them.

To subscribe to eMediaClub no needs to do anything. With every purchase from our e-shop of www.emediashop.gr you automatically become a member and start to earn points!

# With Love From No1 Worldwide Hosting Reseller - eMediaShop Team #